Trafficshaper single lan/multi wan penalty box will only take %

  • Every time I try to setup the traffic shaper and use the wizard I have problems with the penalty box. Im using 1 wan 1 lan setup.
    I get through the voip just fine inputting kilobits/sec rules but every time I get to the penalty box it tells me I have to use a percentage…. which I dont want to use and if thats the case why is there a drop down for other values???
    Also even if I use percentages and it states it goes through theres no penalty box queue so obviously even that doesnt work.
    anyone have any ideas or experiencing the same problem???
    Everything worked perfectly in 1.2.3-stable

  • Can you please provide screenshots of what you mean?

  • heres a print screen

  • whats also wierd is if I go to firewall/rules/ floating it shows that theres a rule for penalty box but it doesnt have the source IP that I set and when it shows the queue as being qOthersLow but there isnt actually a qOthersLow in the queues so I click on it and it opens up queues where it asks if I want to
    Clone shaper/queue on this interface
    wan: : HFSC
    Clone shaper/queue on this interface
    heres screen shots of all of it

    update just as an added note when you have problems going through the wizard and it states the percentage problem it also shows everything as active but it isnt because you cannot modify any entrys till you uncheck and recheck enable penalty box at the top. Just figured I would throw that in because its just a ui bug that could prob be easily fixed.

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