PPTP redirect does not work

  • Hello,

    Recently upgrade to 2.0-RC1 and setup the PPTP redirect to go to an internal server. Unfortunately it did not work. If I manually add the NAT and firewall rules and no redirect, then it works.

    This did work in the previous version with no need for any NAT or firewall rules. Just turn on the redirect and give it the internal IP.

  • I didn't have any luck with PPTP at all re: RC1. Forwarding stopped working after the upgrade, and if I set RC1 up as a PPTP server, it wasn't able to authenticate any clients, even with a TCP/GRE rule pair on the WAN list.

    I opened up the internal PPTP server in the WAN rule list after doing a 1:1 mapping as an attempt at a quick fix. I could ping it, terminal service in, anything other than connect via PPTP.

    I set up a 2-port monowall/1.3 box and used it as a default gateway for a second internal PPTP server. PPTP forwarding in that configuration worked immediately. As a quick test, I pointed the default gateway for the second VPN server to RC1 and set RC1 to forward to it, but no joy.

    I just adjusted my external DNS to point to the external port on the monowall box for now, but it would be great if I could just use the primary firewall for this again.

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  • OK, looks like that fix will solve the problem. I will have to wait until RC2 to give it a try. I can't afford to experiment at the moment, what I did works for now and RC1 seems to be stable unlike some of the more recent builds.

  • hello

    i just try with last build (10 march), it works fine


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