Static Routes and Multiwan

  • Hi all,

    I couldn't find anything related to this query so figured I would ask.

    We have a small appliance with 4 NIC's. NIC 0 = WAN, NIC 1 = LAN, NIC 2 = OPT1, NIC 3 = OPT2.

    WAN is connected to a router (Static IP) on 192.168.1.X which connects to ISP 1
    LAN is connected to LAN (The greater LAN network) on 192.168.0.X
    OPT1 is connected to Cisco 800 series VPN router on 192.168.0.X (Different IP to the WAN gateway)
    OPT2 is connected to a router (Static IP) on 192.168.2.X which connects to ISP 2

    I have a static route saying anything for a particular range (for the VPN) is to go via the OPT1 connection which has been working flawlessly until I setup the failover and Load Balancing.

    Now the failover and load balancing is working fine. I just can't get traffic for the VPN to go via the OPT1 port and hence the VPN.

    What am I missing here? Am I outside PFsense capabilities or am I having a brain fart and not doing something right? I am of the opinion this should work but clearly I am missing something.

    Any help would be appreciated.



  • You should add a rule before LoadBalancing to avoid the packets to be send to policy routing.

  • Hello there,
    I have a similar problem.
    The point is : how do you add this Rule before Load balancing?

    A. T.

  • You create the rule and then move it in the list with the "<" button.

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