Second Gateway

  • hello,

    i have have configured successfully a second isp gateway in pfsense 2.0 rc-1

    my problem is, that when i trace the route, the right trace comes out, but when i downloading something over the new gateway i get the slow speed of the first gateway.

    first gateway = 2Mbit
    second gateway = 16Mbit

    but when i use ftp protokol i can downloding with full 16mbit speed, i have try thausends of sites with http but always max 2mbit :(

    why - what make i wrong?

    the default gateway is the slow one and in firewall i have configured that my pc always use second gateway for any!
    nat rules are ok i think, but i have no idea more why over http is the slow gateway used!

    the only thing is i use proxy server squid, but i think it is not relevant for downloading problem.

    can someone help me a little bit

  • hmm, when i use
    i get the ip / gw from the slow gateway, but why?

    ihave configured:

    that every protocol redirect over the second gateway to my pc! on top!


    traceroute = ok! (the new gateway is use)
    ftp connections = ok! (full 16mbit download)

    http connections = FALSE (2mbit is use always)


    is it, because i use proxy on lan interface and when a http request is from nat redirect to squids port - squid is using the default gateway???????

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Squid is probably at fault, it will only use the default gateway. There are some recent posts in the 2.0 board with a how-to for making it use a load balance or failover gateway group.

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