1.0.1-SNAPSHOT-01-13-2007 causes system to crash whereas PfSense 1.01 does not

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    Hi All,
    First congratulations on a nice product. Pfsense is a replacement for the RV042 Linksys dual wan router that died after 1.5 years of good service. Thw RV042 is capable of load sharing 2 DSL connections.

    Pentium Pro 200, 128MB EDO ram, 4 Realtek 8139C+ PCI NICs, 1 GVC 33k Modem, 2 1GB ATA drives, 1 ATAPI CDROM on 2 PIIX3 on WDMA2 Controllers. ACPI Disabled. SIS0 order error.

    RL0 NIC LAN  IRQ 11
    RL1 NIC WAN IRQ 3      DHCP(  SS6520 ADSL2+ Router  @
    RL2 NIC WAN2 IRQ 7    DHCP(  SS6520 ADSL2+ Router @
    RL3 NIC WAN3 IRQ 10  DHCP(  Motorola Cable modem Disabled

    When the system is built from the Live CD and transferred to the HD2 everything appears to work except that the BIOS needs to be set up to boot from HD2 otherwise pfsense reset does not work. Both miniUPnPd and the easy setup for load balancing are not available under this version.

    Live CD boot of 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT-01-13-2007 causes the system to crash when it activates the WAN interface under pfsense portion of the setup. Even if only RL0 and RL1 are setup the system crashes and corrupts the disk image if one has been created. The symptom appears to be a lost IRQ since the keyboard numb lock does not respond prior to the system automatically rebooting.

    During the past four days every possible combination of interupts have been attempted to no avail.

    The same 1.0.1-SNAPSHOT-01-13-2007 CD works without a problem on a DELL Dimension 4100.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated.

  • I would start removing/disabling all unneeded devices (like the 33k modem). The new snapshots are based on freebsd 6.2 which might detect hardware that was not detected with the older version. Also if your system has a bios option to disable PNP you should turn it off. A check for the latest biosversion might help too.

  • ;D
    Thank you very much for your suggestion to remove the Modem. I do not know why it was causing the problem but its removal cleared up the issue. BTW changing the bOS to disable PnP did not corrected this issue and when it was re-enabled it did not cause any problems. I assume from your comment that fallover to a PPP modem connection is not supported by pfsense?

  • No, only ethernet type interfaces are supported.

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