Strange Gateway IP on DHCP WAN

  • Hi

    I have used 1.2.3 with not problems, but im getting some strange things happening with 2.0

    My WAN gateway is a Fixed IP ADSL connection, using a Netgear Modem
    The interface is set to DHCP, but the Gateway shows the wrong IP

    As you can see below the IP shows as, but the IP fixed to this ADSL connection is

    GW_OPT1  443.171ms  0.0%  Online

    GW_OPT2  96.304ms  0.0%  Online

    WAN  181.952ms  0.0%  Online

    Can anyone explain why I am seeing this?

    Thanks in advance

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Look at

    ipconfig -a


    netstat -rn

    It's possible that your IP is 102 on ifconfig, and 103 is your gateway.

    Though usually with ADSL on many providers the gatway IP is something in a private net and not a "real" IP, since it doesn't matter so much to PPP links.

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