Routing between 1 IPSEC vpn and another

  • I understand from the changelog that multiple stage2s are supported for a single stage1 now.

    I have a site to site vpn up between and

    I have a roadwarrior vpn working with clients having addresses.

    I want to route between clients and the network.

    when pinging from a i can see the packets with tcpdump -i enc0 host .10:37:37.076219 (authentic,confidential): SPI 0x05878eb3: IP > ICMP echo request, id 4894, seq 6, length 64

    but i never see any replies.  can ping and vice versa, but the firewall cannot ping the any remote networks directly.  Is this expected to work?

  • Does your network know about how to reach ? Do you have a p2 for that?

    By default the firewall itself can't directly access any ipsec remote network, but routing does work from the lan side.

  • mxx:

    thanks for your reply…

    yes i have 2 p2s on the firewall (also pfsense 2.0rc1)
    one for and one for

    however, the 4.0/24 is listed with a yellow check box in the ipsec status page, while the first (3.0/24) is green.
    I don't understand how one can fail and the other succeed.

  • Hi since noone else with more knowledge replied:

    Sorry for the dumb question but do both endpoints have this second p2?
    Is the Roadwarrior VPN also ipsec?
    If yes and it doesn't work, try adding a gateway (pfsense's lan ip) and add routes for those ipsec networks through the lan ip. That way it should be possible for the firewall to reach the other endpoint directly…

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