Simple 2 wan.

  • Hi,

    i have updated my box to 2.0rc1 with a clean install, remap drive format etc.. :)

    before, in 1.2.3 rc1 i get to work de load balance option, but the setting have change a little bit. now im unable to get it work with the FAQ forum or documentation.

    1 have 2 dsl modem from the same FSI.

    1:pppoe modem ip:
    2:pppoe modem ip: (wireless link on opt1(PFWAN2))


    if i can, i want to ping something other than the modem ip cuz the pppoe was in it so if the fsi or pppoe goes down the modem will anwser to ping and pfsense will never know they are down… but i will get 100% packet lost :p

    now i have try to follow the FAQ and i get THIS (ip IS modem for testing purpose) car i use open dns to ping it?

  • oh i forgot,

    after my clean install, i have set password, name etc… but nothing else thanload balance. no FW rules nothing.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Outbound load balancing is done with Gateway Groups (System > Routing) on 2.0, not Services > Load Balancer.

    Check the stickies on the 2.0 board for a howto.

  • Thanks

    i have read the stiky.

    Setup Gateway

    1 and 2 is Online

    wan1 default

    wan1 and 2 in Tier1

    but i missed something. in FW rules, the default LAN rules is Gateway= *

    i edited it, clicked on advance on gateway and i have chose my tier1.

    after this, apply.

    and now, impossible to acces webconfiguration, i have pluged a screen on pfsense box, seems ok. i reset it and stop load at load firewall rules

    i see DONE but nothing after.

    after 10-15minutes i chose to reinstall it

    all was ok gateway up etc.. but for the FW rules, what i need to do to enable "load balance" and how to do not hang up my box :p

    need to edit the rules or add a new one?

  • Hi,

    hope i can help u with screenshots.


  • Thanks! this is exactly what i have done (tier1 with wan2 to load balance)

    and this time, pfbox don't hang after moded FW Rules.

    keep this post, for some people like me with your screenshot will Help! Thanks!

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