Shaping TCP 80 for downloads versus surfing

  • I have been unable to find an actual solution to this. As most people are aware, downloads often kill web surfing performance. There has to be an easy way to accomplish this as it's a common issue.

    When a connection is made over port 80, it should receive all speed available to the queue until after a set amount of time or bandwidth transfer. Beyond this, this one connection should lose priority so that bursting traffic, such as web surfing, in the same queue can take advantage of available max bandwidth. I don't see how Squid helps me in this sense, unless I've just been configuring it incorrectly.

    How can this be accomplished?

  • Adjust your TBR size for starters.  This will prevent large downloads from hogging the line.
    If using Squid, look under Bandwidth management, you should be able to set it to throttle by extension or throttle per HOST.  The former will allow you to target downloads specifically without throttling webpages (the content might be affected if you don't do up the extensions properly).

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