Unable to attach hardware

  • I am getting ath0: Unable to attach hardware after installing a Netgear WPN311 into my pfSense box.  I realize that is is not on the approved/tested Hardware list, but I also read that m0n0wall supports the Wireless G Cards on the new FreeBSD 6.x.  Isn't the current pfSense version on FreeBSD 6.x?  Also, is there a way for me to force ath0 drivers onto the WPN311?  If not, does anyone know when this Wireless PCI Card might be supported in the future?


  • FreeBSD 6 is ancient.  The current release of FreeBSD is 8.2.  pfSense 2.0 is built on top of FreeBSD 8.1.

    All that said, use hardware which is currently supported.

  • Netgate Administrator

    That card is based on the Atheros AR5004G yes?
    I'm surprised it isn't supported already but a quick search doesn't show many people using it with FreeBSD. It's quite an old chipset and to be honest if it's not supported already it isn't going to be a priority.


    Edit: A search on this forum shows quite a few people successfully using this card, or at least cards based on the same chipset. (if it is ar5004g)

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