Expect unusual performance

  • how this alert can be posible when i have 256 DDR on a 2800 Mhz system
    php: : New alert found: pfSense requires atleast 128 megabytes of RAM. Expect unusual performance. This platform is not supported.

  • Make sure all the RAM is detected by the system (have a look at http://<firewall-ip>/status.php, section dmesg). Some faulty bioses only present part of the ram to freebsd. Check for bios updates.</firewall-ip>

  • thx for advice now it`s fixed.

    It was an line in dmesg something like stolen memory  :) was the on board video card on share with 256 DDRAM and the result was only 128 DDRAM.Now i increased the memory at 512Mb and i use another video card that is not onboard.

    Thx again !!

  • 128 mb shared mem? You usually should be able to decrease this in the bios, maybe down to 32 or 16 mb or whatever is the lowest setting.

  • yeah i know and ive tried belive me. I have an dell optilex gx270 series and iwe putted 32Mb at share (the lowest) but it ignored my setting. Anyway imp. is that the problem is fixed.

    best regards

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