Squid not caching…

  • Hi, i tested some linux proxy-cache's like smoothwall and ipcop, and all the times it works ok caching the web and the files, now i'm trying to run the pfsense, I installed and configured lan and wan ip's, all ok, if i put a computer on the lan range with the gateway as the lan ip of psense i can surf the web, then i installed the squid package and configured as a transparent proxy, 150gb of the hd (total of 250gb) for caching, allow users to connecto to the proxy and the maximum file size 600mb (for windows updates and others), all ok, i can surf the web but not caching nothing, not really, it caching something because the free space of hd is decreasing but if I try to download a file twice, it download at a normal speed of my adsl…., can i need to made something more? Thanks.

    I tested with pfsense 1.2.3 and 2.0 RC1, and the computer is a new intel e3400 with 2gb of ram and 250gb of hd, and 2 lan pci cards....

  • Take a look here:

    And this:

    Further remember:
    1.000MB of disc space will need ~100MB of RAM. I found this on some squid FAQ

  • it seems that are solved without any type of changes…..thanks for all.

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