ISP Dynamically Assigned IPv6 Address Question

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    So, according to the rep I spoke to on the phone today from Comcast, IPv6 is already being pushed dynamically in my area… not sure I believe this, but I sure would like to find out!

    So my question is, how would I go about setting that up?
    Everything I've seen so far only talks about HE... if it's already here and I just missed it, I do apologize.


    // Ted

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    Are you in the CO area?  From what I read from comcast
    We anticipate expanding our IPv6 Native Dual Stack trial in Colorado and in other areas in the coming weeks and months. Stay tuned here for further updates.

    Have not hear of any other areas - but if wanted to test, I would just connect a w7 box to your cable model - does it get an IPv6 address? If does then you must be in Co area or one of their expanded areas??

    If not then your rep lied or was misinformed ;)

    if you w7 box gets a ipv6 address then come on back and sure someone can help you.. Im also on comcast and would be interested in this, but so for the HE tunnel stuff is working great!

  • Yeah I read that about the CO area getting it too, and I'm in IL, which is what made me question what I was told on the phone today.

    Only W7 around here is in VM, but that's a great idea, thanks! I'll put together a box in the morning and try it out just for shits & giggles anyway tho.

    I'll be sure to post back either way.

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    Im here in the IL area, Schaumburg if your close so we would be in the same area for their ipv6 deployment – I could fire this up, Im using the HE tunnel and working great.  But would not have a problem testing a with a w7 box on my modem -- I highly doubt they are handing out native -- but that would rock! ;)

  • I need to work in dhcp 6 client support and then hopefully somehow graft on the support for dhcp-pd. That'll be interesting.

    I need to get into contact with someone from comcast to give me a pointer I'd guess.

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    I think I understand the tunnel stuff - atleast at a general level.. With the tunnel is simple routed network, clients on the lan side are a different network then the tunnel, just routing traffic - but how would it work if they are just handing you out a /64 IP for clients behind pfsense?

  • Didn't you hear, everything is routed now, you get a address from one network on the WAN interface, and through the magic if dhcp-pd they will assign you a network that can be used behind the router.

  • Well… I tried connecting a windows box directly to the modem, but couldn't get the modem to release the pfSense box's mac, which prevented the win box from even getting a v4 addy. Looks like I'll need to call Comcast and have them reset the modem from their end to get it to release.
    (I have one of the voice/data combo modems, so there's an internal backup battery which prevents a simple user reset)

    I have meetings this morning, but will try later this afternoon and report back.

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    I did not get a chance to check last night, I can just reset mine - its just a standard sb6120 that I purchased on my own.  I can understand the battery backup for voip stuff, but there is no reset button?  Can you access the gui and reboot it.  the sb6120 is at and pretty sure there is a reset link there.

    edit: just vpn'd in and sure enough there is a full reset and restart button - you should have the same??

  • Yeah, already looked at the web gui… pretty striped down.
    Even when you try to enter pages manually that you know should be there, like reset or reboot, you just get a page saying "this page has been disabled". suck!

    no manual reset button either...

    If it weren't for the VOIP, I'd just call and have them re-provision my old SB... loved that modem!

    EDIT: Well, that IPv4 only part in yours is certainly interesting.

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    anyway to just yank/disconnect the backup battery? ;)

  • Looks like not without taking the bottom of the unit off… I'll dig into it more after my first round of morning meetings tho.

  • @databeestje, if you need to test this closer to home gimme a shout, i got native IPv6 from DHCPv6 and RA by my provider (UNET).

    Still running on 2.0-RC1 build feb 14, not synced with your branch, but i could do that (if my settings keep working since its a live environment).

    PS, which currently means it doesnt work on pfSense, only managed to get it working with my linksys and dd-wrt, but i like pfSense more :)

  • ofcourse linksys and dd-wrt are not really comparable.

    I've just setup a other customer from the bounty forum with a working IPv6 setup. With a gif tunnel or static addressing on the wan it does work with v6. With recent fixes I've made it should be safe to run either v4 or v6 on the same interface. I fixed the issue that made it drop it's v4 default route.

    If you do not mind giving me remote access to that install to develop working ipv6 support then I'd love to get that working. It is probably the most significant building block for IPv6 deployment on cable internet networks.

    And there are a lot of those.

    If you have questions, feel free to climb into the email to and we'll see what we can arrange.
    I've just made some fixes to for dhcpd, the webui listen port on the v6 address and a DNS rebinding attack fix.

    I've also added v6 network support for the ipsec phase2 page. Maybe I can fix the phase1 too.