Other subnet on dhcp

  • Greetings,

    i have /16 subnet on lan interface, but i need to DHCP assign subnet with /24 netmask.
    It is possible in pfsense ?
    I try change config.xml from


    <maxleasetime><netmask> <netmask><failover_peerip><gateway></gateway>

    but everytime when i upload this new config, pfsense show unknown error and dont boot again… :(

    Can someone help me ?


  • the mask of the subnet that dhcpd is giving to clients have to be the same as that of the interface that the dhcpd server is running on
    if not then the clients will not be aeble to use that interface

  • jeroen234:  i have a little bit complicated network and i need this configuration.

    My question is that this is possible with pfsense and how…

  • I've got the same problem here :

    I want to use PfSense DHCP Server instead of the one included in another router connected directly to opt1 (not enough enhanced).
    So, only clients from this router are able to use PfSense DHCP Server and I would like to split my default range from /16 to a subnet /24.
    In this configuration, clients from my router are isolated from the lan.

    Is it possible ?

    Thanks in advance :)

  • There is no way that I can think of. Sorry.

  • Ok! Thanks a lot ;)
    I will find an other way (hoping its possible ^^')

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