Moving Squid Logs

  • I setup my Watchguard Firebox with PFSense 2.0rc1 NanoBSD, Snort, Squid and Squidguard all is working great. I added an additional hard drive as well as the compact flash, then created a swap partition made it swap partition active on loading PFSense.  Then I moved the Squid cache to a new UFS partition on the hard drive.  But I'm stuck when moving the Squid logs to the new partition, I change the location in the package config to the new drive and it fails with due to permissions with the access.log file and Squid refuses to start.  I changed the owner on the folder to proxy:proxy and gave it read/write access and it still refuses to start.  If I set the folder back to /var/squid/log in the Squid package config it works fine.

    Does anybody know what the correct permissions are for the access.log file when you move it?

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