Sharing bandwidth/preventing hogs

  • We have a NetEqualizer system setup that works great for our needs, but we are looking into pfSense.  We have about 50 users sharing a T1.  At ay point in time, a few users may be downloading large files via HTTP that eats up all the bandwidth and makes checking email slow, loading web pages slow, and ping times go way up.  Does pfSense's traffic shaper solve this problem by throttling back hogs and allowing other users to get some of the bandwidth?  I know m0n0wall can share bandwidth evenly on the LAN… is this something pfSense can do in any way?  I don't need IPs to have a specific amount of bandwidth, but I do want to make sure as the bandwidth approaches capacity the heaviest users don't make everyone else suffer...

  • pfSense can't share bandwidth evenly. It's using a different trafficshaping mechanism (altq).

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