Facebook CSS getting mangled?(solved)

  • Hello,

    Working on RC1 March 8 build.

    When I try to use squidguard to block social network categories, works OK. But I need facebook allowed. So created whitelist for facebook domain. Works, but facebook loses its CSS and appears mangled. Local links inside facebook also do not work correctly. If I allow socialnet in squidguard, facebook is okay.

    Works well for Orkut etc. When I whitelist allow Orkut after blocking social, it works without problems!!.

    Any clues?

    Thanks in advance.


  • kmnair,

    You have to add fbcdn.net into your whitelist domain list for it to work.

  • Thanks.

    I will check on Monday and get back.



  • Hello ballerh3,

    Yes. It works now.



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