Help me publish my web site (web server) from inside to outside

  • Hi everybody,
    I would like to show my problem about publishing internal web site from inside to internet. And then somebody can access the website from outside.
    My LAN:
    pfsense (default gateway): inside (LAN): 10.xx.1.150, outside (WAN): PPPoE
    Web server : IP LAN: 10.xx.1.151, Default gateway: 10.xx.1.150

    I have just created virtual IP: the IP I get from PPPoE.
    And port forward is:
    WAN TCP/UDP 80 (HTTP) 10.xx.1.151 (ext.: IP WAN PPPoE) 80 (HTTP).
    I have tested on The port 80 opened on my IP WAN

    But when I access the IP WAN (from outside). Ex: http://…..IP WAN. The status bar of mozilla firefox displayed: waiting for 10.xx.1.151. After that the address bar was not http://.....IP WAN. It displayed http://10.xx.1.151 and the message of mozilla firefox was 404 not found.
    So anybody help me to fix it, please?

  • You have to access the IP you have on the WAN, not the IP of the actual server.

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