• Hello All.

    I just was able to get an IPSec tunnel up and running that connects me to our main office.  I would now like to specify a DNS override for our domain to have it look to our main corporate server to get IPs for anything within our domain.  That way I'll use private IPs for everything now that I am tunnelled to our main location.

    My IP schemes are as such:
    Local w/pfSense

    Remote Corp Office

    I have gone in to the DNS forwarder and said, that for mydomain.com, the DNS server is, but when doing an nslookup on something that should be on the other side of the tunnel, I do not get an answer back.  I can ping the DNS server so I know that the tunnel is up, but I do not get a good DNS answer back from pfSense.

    I have the domain set in pfSense to be the same as our corporate domain (mydomain.com), so I am wondering if that could have something to do with it?

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks much.

  • Nevermind  ;D

    Found the answer right here when I searched using some other keywords.


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