• Ok I'm a bit new to Pfsense, however i really like the solution so far. I am a IT consultant and have setup some hosted PBX solutions for some of my customers, however i can never seem to get good call quality or good bandwidth control. Here is my setup

    HOSTED PBX in a DATA CENTER, which by the way works great it's kind of like ring center, but it basically a asterisk server.
    DSL MODEM in bridge mode
    PFSENSE Firewall on a dell machine
    5 IP Phones
    4 Computers

    My connection speed is 5MB down and 390KBS up.

    I have tried to setup traffic shaping for voip, however when i run a speed test on the upload test i get breaking voice sounds. Also i have a user in my office who likes to use I tunes and other bandwidth hogs. I have done some research and someone said to setup my voip Ques to point to the public ip address of my hosted pbx, however i seem to have no luck on this. So i was wondering if anyone has successfully got this to work. I am running 1.2.3 and it's a open sandbox so i can reset or reload the router at any time. If anyone has sugestions i will be more than happy to test.


  • Anybody have any thoughts on this?

  • What VoIP rules have you put in?  Are you seeing your VoIP traffic match when looking at Status - Queues?


  • I have tried every which way and still no luck. I have used the wizard, I have tried playing around with the limiter ect. Let me give you some more information on my setup since we are going to be moving in 2 weeks. Basically we are a computer repair shop, our new site is going to have 16MB's Down and 1.5 MB's up. There are only 4 of us at a time on the phone the rest of the time it's things like, downloading service packs, sending emails, watching you tube, streaming news and I have one sales user who is just a bandwidth hog. So, before i give up and just get a separate DSL just for phones. I figured i would give this one last chance.

    Our Hosted PBX in a Datacenter ""  SIP Traffic Only



    Pfsense Computer "WAN Port"  Box is a p4 1GB RAM  <–-- Cable from modem

    Pfsense Computer "Lan Port" ------> Cable going to Dell Switch

    Basic 10/100/1000 Dell 16 Port Switch

    Cisco 7970 IP Phone's "Using ports 5000-6000

    Desktops,Notebooks, Printers

    Now I am a total green back here when it comes to QOS or traffic shaping, however. Based on my tests, I have ran the wizard and setup everything to the best of my knowledge. To test this i would start a phone call and then go to speakeasy.net and start a speed test. "Trying to simulate a tons of traffic on the network" sure enough download doesn't really effect voice quality, as soon as the upload starts that's it the voice breaks up ect, also i have started a continues ping on my computer to a public ip and every time I run this test the delay in ms goes way up like 300ms and once in a while it will drop a packet.

    There has to be a way to cleanup the internet, so that we can be downloading, uploading and talking on the phone without quality dropping. If i come into work and a user is uploading a file to a ftp site and the phone rings isn't there a way to allow the voice packet higher priority and slow down the ftp upload without dropping packets.

    Just remember when you reply I'm more of a Active Directory, Exchange, Administrator not a network guy, however i'm trying to learn as much as i can here.

  • Just noticed this relatively old thread - is the OP still affected/interested?

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