Dhcpd Server

  • I have a newbie question. Having not paid attention to this before, does the lan cable have to be plugged in the network and dhcpd issuing ip's to show a started state in services? The reason I ask is after an update to the most recent snapshot,this may be coincidental but the service dhcpd shows that it is stopped in the services panel. When I do a restart it tells me the service has been restarted but still reflects a stopped state. Any help will be appreciated. If anymore info is need let me know.

    This is the snapshot I am running.

    2.0-RC1 (amd64)
    built on Thu Mar 10 23:04:02 EST 2011

  • Your LAN link needs to be in the UP and RUNNING states (connected to an active switch or an enabled NIC in another computer) before dhcpd can issue DHCP leases. I don't know what dhcpd does if an interface it is supposed to serve is not in the correct state. Based on the behaviour of some other utilities I wouldn't be surprised if dhcpd stopped if its interface wasn't in the correct state.

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