CF & RAM Minimums?

  • Right, so i'm looking at a few different things atm for rolling out systems for a client of mine. The idea is to use CF based machines for internet access with captive portals.
    What is the smallest CF size we can use? Looking at the download the embedded image is about 20-25mb, could a 32mb CF be used for this? What's the smallest we can get away with for the time being?
    Also i've noticed the embedded image doesn't have any console support, but i'm told that if i change /etc/platform to embedded on a full install (to a CF) then I can have the read only filesystem, is this correct? What would be the minimum CF needed for a full install to convert to embedded?
    And is 128Mb the minimum ammount of ram we need?
    Cheers for any responses :)

  • You need to use at minimum a 128mb compact flash card. The file system is fixed for this size. A larger compact flash card will not give you more space.

  • I'm not too worried about the filesystem space, more on buying the cheapest cards possible ;) No need to buy 256mb when 128mb will do…

  • Not sure where you're located that compact flash cards are soo expensive. In the US I can get a Kingston 256MB card for $9 plus shipping. A Kingston 512MB card is $11.99.

  • Finding 128MB cards is difficult. hardly anyone stocks them.

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