Captive Portal import users from version 1.2.3

  • Hello, I install 2.0 RC1 version resently, a need import captive portal local users from 1.2.3 version, but I can't, somebody help me please, I using 300 users, is hard write one to one to new version.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you import the whole 1.2.3 config it should bring in the users as well. There's no way just just import the users and nothing else.

  • thanks for reply, I have already solved it. On version 1.2.3, I did backup Captive Portal (ex. file1.xml), and in 2.0 version I did backup to System (ex. file2.xml). Then, I edited the files file1.xml and file2.xml, and copied all users from file1.xml to file2.xml, and I changed tags to new format in 2.0 version(For know the new format tag, do open the file2.xml file and see pfsense default user).  After that, for each user copied, replace all tags <password>to <hash-md5>in file2.xml. To finish, Restore System with file2.xml in pfsense version 2.0.</hash-md5></password>

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