Checking for nat PF hooks… in Filter Reload

  • After I upgraded to 2.0RC1, the following message persists after 24 hours in Status -> Filter Reload:

    Checking for nat PF hooks in package /usr/local/pkg/

    Can someone please explain to me what this is about?  My memory usage is also 30% higher than 1.2.3, and I'm wondering if these are related problems.

  • Let me give some more details about my situation.  After upgrading, webconfigurator, dhcpd, miniupnpd and ntpd do not start automatically.  I am able to access the webconfigurator by assigning myself a static IP, sshing to the pfSense box, and restart the webconfigurator.  From there, all of the services except miniupnpd can be started manually.

    This thread mentions that this problem prevents the firewall rules from loading, which I believe is happening in my situation because I cannot access the internet.

    The file has many, many lines referencing Freeswitch, which I installed on my pfSense box.  Later tonight, I will try removing Freeswitch and Freeswitch-dev, and I will see if this clears the error.

    I assume that Freeswitch is causing the problem.  Has anyone running Freeswitch on 1.2.3 upgraded to 2.0RC1 without any problems?

  • After removing Freeswitch and Freeswitch-dev, the message has disappeared from Filter Reload, and the aforementioned services start at boot.  Now I see several instances of the following two error messages under System logs.  I saw neither of them under 1.2.3:

    dhcpleases: Could not deliver signal HUP to process because its pidfile does not exist, No such file or directory.
    kernel: CPU0: local APIC error 0x2

    I believe the first error has something to do with miniUPNPd.  I'll have to look into that one a little more.

    I believe the second error has to do with a setting in my BIOS.  It does not seem to be disrupting service.  I'll have to mess with that late tonight when I will be disrupting fewer users.

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