Time in system logs does not reflect changes in time zone

  • When changes are applied to time zone in general setup, the time in system log is not updated accordingly.


  • some things are, some aren't. Some won't update their timezone until that service is restarted. Easiest to just reboot if you want consistent time, that's always been true (of this project and *nix in general).

  • cmb,
    I have rebooted, re-installed, and re-configured and this problem remains. Also, OpenNTPd is not starting correctly. When enabled, the service shows as stopped and looking in the process list is not there. When disabled it shows as started and shows in the process list. I have heard from here in the forums that a build from March 2nd does not have this problem, so I am going to March 1st build to see if the problem stil exists there.
    i don't know if it related, but it also seems to affect openvpn stability, but I will know more once I have the older build on.


  • I have went back to "2.0-RC1 (i386) built on Tue Mar 1 23:07:48 EST 2011" and OpenNTPd is working as expected and now my snort is started also. There has not been any drops in the 2 site-to-site VPN connections yet. I have gotten 2 "openvpn[38096]: write UDPv4: No buffer space available (code=55)" in the logs, but they don't seem to have affected the tunnels. I have also noticed a reduction in the number of them also.
    So far there are no time issues in the logs, but I will continue to monitor.


  • With OpenNTP and the logs the time is working as expected in the build listed above. Still have OpenVPN issue and will open another thread for it.


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