Traffic shaper limiter queues not showing RRD graphs

  • I have created two traffic shaper limiters, one 1MB for outbound traffic, and one 1MB for inbound traffic.
    The two limiters were assigned to a rule in/Out option.

    The limiters are working as expected and are limiting the traffic hitting the rule in question to 1MB in/out.
    But, there is no information in RRD queues.

    Please see the attached images.

  • I dont even understand what you are doing with your setup…. Im a n00b only been using pfsense for a few weeks total. But my limiter works just fine.
    I have no queues in the graph for my limiter as my limiter is not a queue. So did you create a queue for it as well????

    The queue system didnt work for me at all when I tried to setup a penalty box so I just used a limiter and thats it. When I didnt have limiter rule active theres a full internet and when it is active its limited.

    Good luck let me know how it works out because if there is supposed to be a graph I guess I got problems to work out lol.

  • something I just thought of…. check out Diagnostics/Limiter Info... maybe that will have some info for you but not exactly what you want....

    good luck.

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