Dual Wan Slow Performance Problem

  • ive created pfsense dual wan on vmware

    setup loadbalancer to do loadbalance wan1 and optwan2
    im on a 2 x 1.5 mbps link
    when i do speed test with firewall gateway set to loadbalance i got high ping and very slow download. 0.10 mbps

    but when i tried to select only 1 wan at a time i got good connection (low ping and 1.5 mbps link on each of the 2 wans)

    both tried 1.2.3 and 2.0 rc1 release same results.

    i also buy new 2 dlink lancards (as im suspecting my old lancard to be defective) same results.

    help anyone?

  • did you try alway the same download source or different sources ?
    did you use http, https or ftp ? Not all protocols could loadbalancing properly.

  • please help. how to set up dual wan with different isp…  the one ppoe and the other one is dynamic..

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