Sharing a LAN But Not a WAN: The Story of Two Homes Linked By WiMAX

  • I'm putting a wireless bridge between my house and a friend's house.  We want to share files (Samba, DC++, FTP) between our LANs but not over a VPN through the internet.  Each house will have it's own internet connection, it's own 3+ port pfSense box, and a Ubiquiti Nanobridge M5 wireless bridge.  We would also like to use each other's internet as a failover for our own.  Is it possible?  What kind of fancy routing should I try?

  • So far I've installed version 2.0 and gave my router on it's lan side.  Local DHCP serves a range from to within an overall subnet of

    Location 0                        Location 1              Location n
    GW:                            10.0.n.1

    Option 1:
    I could just bridge my lans and the wireless, filtering all but Samba/DC/FTP ports and doing the same on the other side.

    Option 2:
    Keep LANs separate and make routes within each router to carry traffic destined for the other subnet through the wireless.  It'd work but if I started adding more homes to my "alternet", I'll have to update every router with the new routes and that would get old kinda fast.

  • Hi,

    hmm  bridging is not a good option here because services would affect each other eg. dhcp gateway. I think that dont work very well.

    I would prefer option 2


    -devided networks
    -prevent broadcast traffic over wireless network
    -failover possible and more easy (the failover gateway is the wlan interface ip adress of the opposite pfsense)


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