My NAT issue

  • This is the network setup

    ** Note:  FW2 has an IP of ( network)
    [              ] –----  [{WAN} - fw1 - {LAN}] - {private DMZ network 10.0.100.x} - [{LAN} - fw2 - {WAN}] - [            ]
    [ internet ]                                                                                                                                              [ internal ]
    [              ] –-- [{WAN} - fw3 - {LAN}] –------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [    net    ]

    Well my issue is I have a server that is on the internal network for reasons it has to stay there and the internet needs to have access to it. You might say use Port Forwarding on FW1 and FW2 to the server the internet needs access to.  That works and the traffic gets there but the server replies back to its gateway which our routes on our internal network point it to fw3.  The server knows how to get to the network of the WAN interface of FW2.  So If I can figure out how to perform a 1:1 NAT on the LAN interface of FW2 then I can use Port Forwarding on FW1 to an ip on LAN of FW2 and get this to work.

    Is that possible?

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