2 WAN load balance (multiwan)

  • Hi guys.

    Is it possible to load balance 2 WAN so that 2nd WAN is used ONLY if the (download)bandwidth of WAN1 is fully populated?

    Tried with the gateway weight setting but it only affects round robin-ing and can not be used in this way.

    Using 2.0RC1 saturday build (12.03.2011)

    EDIT: I am talking about multiwan. It's my home network and redundancy and failover are not so important. I just want to use my WAN 1 until it is maxed out and than just add WAN2's bandwidth.
    (this normaly ony happnes when dloading torrent files. Otherwise WAN1 is more than enough for everything else)


  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    No, that isn't a scenario that the system can accommodate. You can either do load balancing, where the connections are balanced in a round-robin way between the lines, or you can do failover, but you can't have a second WAN kick in only when the first reaches a given capacity.

  • Ok.

    Thank you for the info!


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