2,0-RC1 issues found

  • Here are some of the issues found in 2.0-RC1

    1. When you shutdown PFSense one of the first responses from the command line is "rm /tmp/ is a directory"

    I upgraded from 1.2.3-Final to 2.0-RC1…..
    2. if you go to Status > Gateways ----- GW_WAN shows this (screenshot attached to post)

    3. when my ipsec settings carried over, I have been noticing this warning "kernel: WARNING: pseudo-random number generator used for IPsec processing"

    4. ipsec system logs also shows this "racoon: WARNING: low key length proposed, mine:136 peer:128."

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    1. I fixed that sometime last week
    2. That is a known issue http://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/1348
    3. That's always been there, if you don't have hardware crypto it always goes to that (and if you do have hardware crypto and it gets overloaded, you can still see that)
    4. Looks like a setting mismatch between your config and the remote side.

  • ok thanks for the clarification!

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