NETBIOS names through IPSEC tunnel

  • Hi

    I have setup an IPSEC tunnel, and it is working, i can ping the local ip adresses on both sides.

    The setup is as follows:

    Site1: (server site)
    pfsense v123 is NOT the DHCP or DNS, but it is the gateway, there is a MS SBS 2008 server who is the DHCP and DNS.

    Site2: (remote site)
    pfsense v123 is the DHCP and the DNS (i have mapped the windows sbs servers ip as the first DNS i the DHCP tab)

    When i do a nslookup on an external dns address it shows:

    Server:  lofserver.lof.local

    Ikke-autoritativt svar:

    Witch is correct.

    When i do a nslookup on the server at the server site, it shows:

    _C:\Users\jesper.ENLIGHTIT>nslookup lofserver
    Server:  lofserver.lof.local

    *** lofserver.lof.local kan ikke finde lofserver: Non-existent domain



    When i do a nslookup on the server at the server site with FQDN, it shows:

    _C:\Users\jesper.ENLIGHTIT>nslookup lofserver.lof.local
    Server:  lofserver.lof.local

    Navn:    lofserver.lof.local

    Witch is fine, but how do i enable so i dont have to use FQDN on local names?
    I have added the domainname: lof.local to the pfsense system..

    What do i miss?

    Thanks in advance.

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