Polling of modem/connection

  • 2 problems

    1. detection of a lost connection did not work after a power outage
    2. log files were lost after a reboot of the machine (unclean power cycle)

    Environment :
    386 PC with 768 M Byte of Ram and 40 G HD (yes it is old hardware with bios from 2002)
    2 same NICs (no name - but working fine)
    modem in bridge mode (Billion) connected to an ADSL line

    Pfsense 2 RC beta 5 snapshot sunday 13 March 2011

    situation :
    at 17:00 local time, power failed in the building , but pfsense server and modem are on UPS
    at 17:10 power came back on, all lights are working but no internet (did not notice first)

    only with a power down and power up it was possible to get back online
    unfortunately, the person who checked actually pulled the power cable of pfsense server and pulled it back in resulting in

    • a loss of all the log files (all files start the moment of the power-on today)

    I suspect the connection was lost on the modem level and this was not discovered by pfsense?
    the log files were probably open at the time of the unclean power cycle and they got destroyed?
    all log files have as date and time the time of the power cycle and all old log files are gone.

    not sure how this helps the developers .....
    if there is anything I can help with please ask and I will try to get more info


  • If your gateway is monitoring the lan ip of the modem than the lost connectivity will not be detected.
    So check that first otherwise the system log is needed which you do not have, next time :(.

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