Traffic Shaping

  • i was previously running 1.2.3 and i always just ran the wizard to setup my shaper.  since i have updated to 2.0 rc1.  i would like to learn about layer7 or really any traffic shaping method but i cant find a lot of information about layer 7 i know its at the application layer.

    the other thing about it that i cant wrap my fingers around is how it works when you add names or rules.  when you add a name can it be what ever you want it to be or does it need to a particular name with rules you can add a rule you get a list of protocols but under structure the only thing is action and under behavior the only thing is block.

    does layer7 only block traffic?

    the only problem i have with the shaper wizard is that it lacks a lot of thing i need queued.

    thanks for the help


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