2.0-RC1 (i386) 28th Feb : incoming multi-wan + 1:1 NAT issue ?

  • I have a Windows server running PPTP VPN server (for historical reasons) and it is behind pfsense.
    I have set up 1:1 NAT because I am migration from one ISP to another.
    So I have kept the old ISP public IP as 1:1 NAT and as well a new ISP public IP for this server.
    The new ISP is the default gateway on pfsense.
    The PPTP connection through the new ISP is perfect, session can be kept during hours or days.
    The PPTP connection through the old ISP is established but disconnects after a few minutes, always.

    Any idea ?

  • anyone, any idea ?

  • issue persists after upgrading to
    2.0-RC1 (i386)
    built on Wed Mar 16 06:36:08 EDT 2011

  • could it be linked to the fact that the outgoing traffic from this VPN server has a non-default gateway (wan fail-over) ? how could i set it up so that does not interfere ? with policy filtering (having the inbound traffic marked and have another outbound rule on front of the first one, having the default gateway set up instead) ?

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