NAT Issues - Multi (V)LAN to Multi VLAN

  • HI,

    I am trying to configure a failover cluster of pfsense boxes, and everything seems to be working as I would like it, bar NAT.

    The setup I have is as follows:

    2 pfSense boxes, with 5 trunks running to each (External, DMZ, Lab, Desktop and Servers) each of the trunks carry multiple VLANs, external connectivity is via a Leased line and 2 x ADSL lines.

    The pfSense boxes are the default gateways (using a CARP interface) and the external IP addresses are also virtual IPs.

    From devices connected to the firewalls I can ping other devices on the network in other VLANs (when the default GW is a CARP interface on the pfSense boxes). However I cannot ping or connect to the internet. addresses.

    I have verified from the pfSense boxes that I can ping and wget to various public addresses, and the default gateway addresses. So I think its a NAT problem, so has anyone got any guidance on what I should be looking to fix this?


  • scratch this, I have worked it out. I assumed that the interface would be for the VLAN rather than the external.

    stupid mistake.

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