Wifi make it crash ?

  • Hello.

    i have my pfsense router with a lan a wan and a wlan.

    i want that lan and wlan be on the same dhcp range.

    with pfsense 1.2.3 everything was right. i made a bridge for lan and wlan and it worked perfectly.

    Since i am on pfsense 2, it does not wotk at all.

    I tried with a gigabyte internal wlan card and a delkin usb wlan and each time i have the same problem.

    with the gigabyte when i tried to configure the OPT1 i had :

    and with the delkin i can configure it but when i connect to the wlan i have

    someone can tell me what to do ???

    i am sorry if my english is not good at all, i hope you understand me.

  • no aswer ?

  • My test pfSense 2.0 box has a Gigabyte PCI WiFI card which has a Ralink chipset and is controlled by the ral driver. I have not seen that particular problem. I wonder if you are configuring your card differently from the way mine is configured.

    I have used a rum device on the same box and I don't recall seeing that problem though it is some months since I have tried a rum device.

    Do you configure your WiFi interfaces as Access Points (I do)?

    On that test box WLAN and LAN are on separate subnets. On my production pfSense I have bridged WLAN (Atheros chipset, not Ralink) and LAN.

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