Port Forward for WHS

  • I need to port forward for WHS.
    I know my ports and I have done it on a DD-WRT system.
    The current PFsense documentation and RC1 do not match. Is there any current step by step guide to forwarding with PFsense ver 2. RC1. Thanks

  • Can I get any help with this?

  • I guess I'll work it out myself. Thanks anyway. BFC

  • Hi,

    go to Firewall -> NAT -> Port Forward

    Source adress: any
    source port: any
    destination adress: WAN adress
    destination port: chose one you like
    redirect adress: the adress of the device behind your NAT
    redirect port: the port of the device behind your NAT

    Filter rule association: add associated filter rule (this adds the correct rule to the WAN firewall belonmging to this specific NAT rule)

    Do not know, what you mean with WHS but if the above doesn't work, give us some more information about IP adresses of your devices.

  • Thanks for the guidance. I'll get right to it.

    WHS = Windows Home Server
    Port forwarding on Windows home server

  • Ok, the redirect address ist your WHS ;-)

    destination port and redirect port could both be the same.
    Your link says 80,443,3389,4125
    This means four NAT rules.

    Bute be carefully: If you access your pfsense from WAN side over http (80) or https (443) then you have to change the destination port of the pfsense webGUI or of the destination port. It must not be the same.

  • Yep - just did it and yep I screwed up.

    PFsense is running fine but I can't get to the webgui @

    Anyway to reset from remote.

  • Not sure about doing it remotely but if you can access the console you should be good… Try to re-assign the interfaces... If that doesn't work... you could reset to defaults and restore a backup config.xml... Not sure of any other easy way to fix it... You could manually edit the config file via the console

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