How to setup Dual WAN + Dual VPN Load Balance and Failover

  • I have a working system right now with 2 WANs, 1 LAN and an IPSec VPN (binded to WAN1) to another site.  Currently WAN2 is not configured for Load balance.  Only WAN1 is working for internet and VPN.  I'd like to have failover between WAN1 and WAN2, with the VPN transparently failing over, too. We have static IP addresses on both the ISPs, and there is only one remote endpoint (also static).

    I hope somebody helps me with this.  I am quite new with the configuration and quite lucky to have the IPSEC VPN running.  Any step by step procedure is appreciated.  Thank you.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Unfortunately, you can't do failover for IPsec in that way.

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