I need to update php4 to php5

  • Hello everybody, I need some help about how can i update or install the php5 in pfsense because i need it to make a connection with a web service and it uses a module named soap, which isn't available to php4…. please help me

  • pkg_add -r php5.

    Maybe you need the correct version like php5-2.1, best would be looking at the freebsd ports or simple googling. Good luck

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That will not work, you will break many things.

    You should not use your firewall for things like that, but if you must, 2.0 uses PHP5.

    And if you're going to be altering the firewall and running insecure services on it, you may as well be using the 2.0 RC version because it will in no way be considered stable at that point.

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