MultiWAN with SQUID + LoadBalance + FailOver

  • hello,

    my loadbalncing with failover worked!
    one of these two gateways are my default gateway.
    i used squid also on this server.
    therefore is a port forward on port 80 to my squid port 3333 on local network


    when the failover is started
    (the default gateway is off or timeout)
    i can traceroute over the other gateway, but i cant surf in the internet over port 80 :( :( :(

    squid proxy is always taking the default gateway :(

    how can i explain pfsense 2 that when failover is on and the second gateway is active, that squid should take the new gateway for the internet?

    please help me

  • we need a solution for failover , loadbalacing with squid in pfsense 2!!!

    i have no ideas how can i find a solution! :(

    floating, firewall rules??? i dont know


  • Hello nobody know?????

    my pfsense box is on osi layer three.

    what is when i take the wanfirewall tab, where stands the entry for squid and assign the failover or loadbalance gateway ???

    work squid for or after firewall entries???

    i need really help please

  • yes this is a solution heper, bt with havp as a parent for squid (on localhost) it is not feasible! is already in use!
    and also this solution dont access on any 2.0 version ;)
    thanks therefore

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