Simple port forwarding - WAN&LAN on same subnet

  • I am running out of port forwarding fields on my main router/gateway ( and I would like to set up pfSense to act as an internal port forwarding device.
    pfSense running as VMware appliance, is set as follows:

    I would like to forward a group of ports ie. 50100-50200 on the main router to pfSense, which would then forward them to port 777 to internal IPs ranging from to (VMware boxes).

    I have tried several configurations (bridging, NAT, ports, transparent…), but none seems to work.

    Thanks for any suggestions.

  • i've done what you're trying to do in the past.

    i suppose you've set up 2 virtual interfaces.

    virtualNIC1 –> bridge to PfsenseWAN
    virtualNIC2 -_> bridge to PfsenseLAN
    now you should bridge the virtualNIC1 to a real NIC.

    the pfsenseWAN should now be able to get a IP from your DHCP on your network.
    now you have to forward the ports to the IP of your PfsenseWAN IP

    you can set your virtualNIC2 to dhcp and activate on PfsenseLAN the DHCP server.
    your virtualNIC2 should now get an IP from your pfsense.
    at last you have to set up port forwarding rules.

    your virtualNIC2 will now be able to recieve traffic from the ports forwarded from the outside :)

    i hope i helped.
    good luck

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