Transparent Proxy partially functional

  • We have been running pfSense (1.2) as our firewall for over 3 years now along with Squid, and utilize the LightSquid reporting. Tranparent Proxy is enabled. About a month ago our proxy reports went from about 40 users IP addresses down to 1 or 2. I also noticed at the same time that our pfSense rebooted at around 5:00 am when none of us are around. My understanding is that this is an all or nothing setting. How can only a handful of PC's be logged and others not. They all use the same router (not pfSense), all on the same LAN and no changes to the network or routing have been implemented. Any ideas?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    If you are still on 1.2, upgrade to 1.2.3 ASAP.

    Also, install the package labeled something like "Patch rc to leave filter_dirty" which can help with squid not activating fully at bootup.

    Sounds like maybe a couple clients are hardcoded to the proxy, otherwise it doesn't make sense that none of them would be working. I'm guessing the transparent redirect rule isn't actually active.

  • Thanks. We'll try updating next week and see if that fixes our problem.

  • Completed the upgrade to 1.2.3 and reinstalled the packages. LightSquid appears to be showing all of the traffic again. Thanks for the help.

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