Primary hostname

  • How can I set the primary hostname of an ip? I have a machine with a DHCP hostname "myserver" and also a dns entry for "crm" to the same ip of myserver.

    When I lookup ptr of the ip I get back "crm" but I want to see "myserver." this used to be just a cosmetic nuisance, but now I am encountering some issues with this arrangement.

  • Change the DNS registration from crm to myserver.

    If you have a pfSense box which runs the DNS forwarder and you want then (and only them) to see myserver as the backtranslation of the IP address then I suspect it might be sufficient to add a mappin in the DNS forwarder to say myserver has the specified IP address (or enable Register DHCP leases in DNS Forwarder on the Services -> DNS Forwarder page).

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