NAT different port to the same port but to different server

  • Hi,
    our pfsense version is 1.2.2 (on wrap, so we can not upgrade, at the moment),

    in our office LAN there are 2 server that listen on 5632 port, from inside there are no problem (obviusly)
    to make it work from outside (WAN) we make 2 port forward nat rules :

    5632 -> server1:5632
    5633 -> server2:5632 (i think this is called port translation)

    but who connect on server1 from outside have no problem, the connection to server 2 didn't work.

    Am i supposed to do some sort of outbound port traslation? can you point me to something to check?
    Other settings in pfsense are defaulted.

    Many thanks in advance

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