PfSense Snapshot server SLOW ?

  • I noticed that now for while the snapshot server has been very slow when updating firmware. This might be pfSense 2.0 RC1 issue or server side issue.

    Regular download seems to be fast as possible so this might be 2.0 RC1 issue??

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    DL is about 245kb/s and yes it is very slow….

    People has offered to mirror the snap server, but the people behind pfsense, doesnt think it is necessary....

  • yeah they are a bit slow :-(

    i have been standing around in a datacenter for over 50 mins now and its only on 45%.

    i was going to cancel it and use the manual update as i have to do this to two firewall but i am confused by which update i should be getting. The auto update says

    New version: Sat Mar 26 00:18:39 EDT 2011

    but the mirrors have

    pfSense-Full-Update-2.0-RC1-amd64-20110226-1626.tgz    which was uploaded 28-Feb-2011 17:44

    what version do i need ?

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    It depends on what you want to run. The one built on March 26th (and later ones are there now) are snapshots from after the RC1 announcement. The image from the mirrors is the official signed RC1 image.

  • I was in china and was getting speeds of 7kbp from the snapshot server. I talked to your tech support who confirmed he could get 10Mbps.

    Luckily the very helpful tech support you have were kind enough to copy it onto another of your mirror servers for me which increased the download speed to 200Kbp.

    It could be a good decision to have multiple mirrors so we can pick a local one.

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    That was me  ;D

    The snapshots update far too often to be effectively mirrored without wasting a ton of bandwidth. Once 2.0 is released it will be a moot point. It normally isn't an issue that too many people are trying to access snapshots at the same time, since they're generally for testing. But 2.0 snapshots are just too good to pass up!

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