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  • Hi,

    First post here and I've got a general question.

    My setup =

    VMWare Server1 with 5 NIC's.

    NIC0 = WAN for the PFSense - Public IP (No VMWare management on this NIC)
    NIC1 = LAN Plugged into a physical switch (Private 10.x.x.x network, I'm not using any vlans)
    NIC 2-4 = LAN for Virtual Machines and local 10.x.x.x network, I also have other public IP's on this switch to a few VM's

    VMWare Server2 with 6 NIC's all on the switch

    Switch = Layer 2 Trendnet 24 port Gigabit

    I was looking at the bandwidth monitor on my PFSense and it doesn't seem to be monitoring the throughput of VM's with a public IP yet the traffic is in fact going through the WAN port on the PFSense.  I did a packet capture to confirm this.

    Packet capture was something like whatever IP address from the outside > pinging whatever an IP that is not the WAN IP but one that sits 'behind' it (hosted on the other VMWare server).  It seems to be routing the traffic just fine and I have no problems either inbound or outbound.

    IP example (just and example):

    WAN =
    Subnet =

    LAN =
    Subnet =

    • Other LAN IP's are public on some VM's and on Server2,,, and , <– Subnet is

    So why might the PFsense not be reporting the traffic on either the WAN or the LAN interface from the machines with public IP's?  Is it because I don't have any of those public IP's listed as a Virtual IP therefore it's not logged?  To me that doesn't make sense sit it is in fact passing through the WAN interface according to the packet capture but hey, we don't live in a perfect world  ;D

    I hope all that makes sense if not I'll be happy to elaborate as best I can.


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