• Hi there!

    ??? Recently I installed the package NTOP in my pfSense but it´s displaying the data from interface OPT1. As a matter of fact I need to be monitoring the interface WAN and when I tried to switch the interface in sumary -> traffic,  the system returned the following message:

    Note that the NetFlow and sFlow plugins - if enabled - force -M to be set (i.e. they disable interface merging).
    Sorry, you are currently capturing traffic from only a single/dummy interface [rl2].
    This interface switch feature is meaningful only when your ntop instance captures traffic from multiple interfaces.
    You must specify additional interfaces via the -i command line switch at run time.

    I didn´t understand how to execute the procedure mentioned on the last line. Do I need to execute this in the pfSense shell??? Could someone explain better what do I have to do in order add this additional interface, in my case WAN?

    I have two gateways, WAN and OPT1 operanting on rl1 and rl2.

    I appreciate any help.

    Thanks a lot!

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