DHCP Leases & Captive Portal

  • Hello all!

    Have been using the 2.0 RC1 release (from the iso, NO daily build updates). I have these observations:

    1. Status / Captive Portal: Page is always blank. I have a mix of users using mac-pass through and also logging in with local user manager stored credentials. Should I expect to see something on this status page?

    2. At the DHCP Leases page, many hostnames are empty. In the DHCP logs, often I see "Hostname Unsuitable for Printing". I am guessing this is because of extended ascii characters. Would it be possible to replace those unsuitable chars with "?", rather than just showing nothing. It could be just 1 or 2 letters which are unsuitable, and the rest of the hostname might be useful. Another idea might be to "romanise" the characters.. So if the hostname was "ápple", convert this to "apple"

    3. Also at the DHCP Leases page, could a column be added which shows the description from the Captive Portal pass through mac page (when a matching mac is found). Again to help identify leases at quick glance - and especially if the hostname is not forthcoming!

    Overall, GREAT new version ! Thank you pfSense !

  • For number 1 if all are pass-through macs you should not expect anything on the status page.

    For 2 and 3 please add feature requests on redmine.pfsense.org so they are not forgotten for future releases.

  • OK, Thanks ermal.

    I will make the posts to redmine as you suggest.

    About point 1…. I don't even get any details of the users that logged in with passwords!

    Maybe the fact that "some" users are passing-through stops the status from working even for the password authenticated users. In any event, one would have thought the point of this status page would be to show the status of any users passing through the captive portal (regardless of how they authenticate- by password or pre-approved mac)...

    If anyone else can confirm that the status page is blank with version 2.rc1, then I will post it as a possible bug?

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