Nanobsd 2gb does not fit

  • I recently have a alixboard with a 2gb CF card, i download and use physdiskwrite to put the .img in the CF, but the 2gb does not fit in my 2gb (sandisk) card.
    Is there any chance to do this images a little smaller? or a way that i can change it by myself? i see something like a script to do it in the forums but seems to work only with freebsd  :(

    The 1gb image works but its a lot of unused space.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Manufacturers keep shrinking and shrinking cards over time without changing part numbers. I just had to make a smaller 4GB image for someone yesterday. Can you get more info on the exact size of this "2GB" (and I use the term loosely…) card?

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